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UPDATED 8.24.128
i apologize, the captions didn't work, please call or email for prices or info until they figure out what happened. thanks, Michael
Collectable, one of a kind, Fountain pens and Rollerball pens are available in several styles and platings. Sketch pencils are available in Chrome, Black Chrome and 10K Gold platings and come with a 5.6 mm (1/4in.) Black lead and 5 different color leads. Some pens are available with matching pencils and/or letter openers. Several presentation and storage options are available, please ask as there are too many to list here. Some options are wood, leather, velvet and there is always the option of having a custom box built.




 Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pens and Sketch Pencils

Choose from the selection above but if the pen you like is not there or you prefer a different style it may be able to be converted from Fountain to Rollerball or vice-versa, please ask. Fountain pens have excellent nibs plated in 24k Gold with highly polished Iridium points made in West Germany, 14k Solid Gold nibs are also an option, and all come with a converter or you can use a pre-filled cartridge. Rollerballs all come with a ceramic tip Schmidt cartridge, it's a generic shape so many different choices and ink colors are there for the choosing at any office supply store. Sketch pencil leads are available at art supply stores and hobby outlets. 

For the collector or connoisseur we suggest having your own custom, truly one-of-a-kind pen built from our wide selection of materials.

The findings (metal parts) are available with several different platings that are the best for pens including the likes of Black Titanium,
or the very precious metal Rhodium (from the platinum family). Pens are also available with 22K Gold inlays.

The body of your pen can be made from a selection of over 130 different woods from around the world, many rare, and even some one-of-a-kind.
or the ultimate pen we now offer a selection of metal pen bodies using the ancient Japanese process of the metal layering technique called Mokume-Gane (Moe-koo-may Gah-nay), and another ancient metal, Damascus twist steel. Several solid metals including Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Copper (a percentage is even recycled)  and a special blank made of solid carbonite (made from pure carbon compound) are other options. 
Synthetic materials in a myriad of colors (75+) are also available in Acrylic, Celluloid, and Alumalites.
These are just a few options, please email any questions or for a list of woods and other blanks and options available so you can start to build your own custom writing instrument.

Email: thecelticwoodshop AT hotmail DOT com
Cellphone 504.913.1313