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(and SOAPS are coming soon)

The RAZORS, Mach III use the 3 bladed refills,  the Safety Razors use the double edge blade, refills can be bought most anywhere. The razors pictured at the bottom are already sold, I have more and will have them on the site by July 19th.

SHAVING BRUSHES are now becoming more and more popular than ever before. The silvertip badger hair is the finest and most luxurious material possible for shaving brushes and the handles are made from local and exotic woods of the world and with such quality these can be handed down from Father to Son.

The benefits of using a badger hair shaving brush is that it helps to produce a generous and richer lather, softening and lifting the facial hairs and improving the overall shave quality. It also helps to reduce the chance of in-grown hairs and razor burn, leaving your face feeling gently massaged. The oils in shaving soaps also help moisturize keeping your facial skin conditioned and can also help prevent dry skin.

The Shaving MUGS are also made from local and exotic woods of the world. Some are sized to use the soap cakes and others for the shaving creams, be sure you buy the correct size.

Hand made shaving SOAPS will be available shortlycheck back soon or email and ask for a reminder when they arrive. These are handmade soaps made for shaving ny a local artisan. They take up to 8 weeks to be made. There will be several flavors coming! 

Many brushes and razors were traditionally handed down from Father's to Sons or a gift from the Father when his Son started to shave. Why not start your son shaving the way men have shaved since the straight razors were invented, no aerosol cream and disposable razors for your Son, start your own family tradition!

Thank you!

I can be emailed at celticwoodshop AT hotmail DOT com or call me at 504.913.1313